GivingLink for donators

Why you should give via GivingLink 
instead of cash

what a greener way to give

Reduce the paper work

What a better way to complete your good work. Giving digitally via our platform means reducing your carbon foot print. With every giving you make you help your charity or church reduce the amount of paper and ink used in the processing and managing of your giving.

reduce money printing

You also help in reducing the amount of cash in circulation which invariably affects the volume of paper needed to print money in the world's economies.

How does it work for donators/givers?

Scan the qr code or click on your charity giving link

Without the need for any special app, scan the QR Code of your charity or church or better still click on the link to start your giving.

Enter Card Details

Enter your card details or select GPay or Apple Pay to complete the payment.

Enter Amount

Enter your email address, amount and select the type of giving and click on give now button.

Giving Done

Now just sit back and relax, your receipt will be delivered to your email

Track your giving

Easily track your giving anywhere any time. It can be helpful for budgeting as well as knowing how well you are supporting your favourite charity or church financially.